Are You Ready to be a Salesperson ?


Harvard Business Review did research on “the three rules for making a company truly great”. The research revealed the following rules:

Rule 1 – Better before cheaper – Sell the value, not the price.

Rule 2 – Revenue before cost – You can’t cut your way to success, but you can sell your way there.

Rule 3 – There are no other rules.

This research shows that it is mostly about sales. Without sales you have no commercial company. You can have the best product, the best services and the best solutions but without sales there is no company.  So, if sales differentiate the top performing companies then why don’t all companies have an effective and proven Sales Process in place.


Sales Directors think that all they need to do is find born sales people to perfect their team. This is not the case – to be a great sales person, you do not need the gift of gab but a basic system of sales skills.

In order to do this, as an experienced sales professional, you need to make a few fairly simple, smart changes in the way you think and behave while selling.


You need to learn a few tricks on how the psychology of selling really works and try them out. Techniques like:

  • Differentiate a suspect from a prospect?
  • Sales Professionals waste as much as 70% of their time dealing with very nice people who never buy.
  • Gain the respect and trust of prospects even if you dislike them?
  • Come to grips with the buyer’s reasons to buy and then match your behaviour to their style?
  • What questions to ask, to get the 10 Yeses that win deals?
  • What is your competitive differentiator and why is it so critical in today’s tough climate?

If you are serious about successful selling you must know how to implement these skills.  We at The Peer Training Group are committed to helping you every inch of the way to acquire these skills.