Why Do So Many Sales People Struggle with in Outbound Sales Calls?

You would think the problem is the impatient customer, or that the agent’s comments are either too pushy or too weak (and this is probably all true).  The main reason, however, is that most outbound agents say or do something in the first 30 seconds of the call that stops it, instantly.  Perhaps they ask the dreaded question, “Is this an okay time to talk?” or they accidentally trip up their words. Maybe they repeat themselves, all from nervous energy.

We have all heard these kinds of calls before and we know to either: hang up, be rude or play dumb.
We look for an authentic reason to connect that is stated right at the beginning of the chat. Then we look at qualifying and the principles of engagement.

What we deliver
  1. A powerful set of skills that will train your agents to excel.
  2. Give them confidence over the telephone.
  3. Use a model on how to overcome objections.
  4. How to sell Value rather than engage in price issues.
  5. How to close effectively.
  1. What to say in the first few seconds that creates IMPACT.
  2. How is a sales conversation created?
  3. How do we get a positive engagement?
  4. How to overcome objections.
  5. Arrive at a CLOSE.
  • Research and Planning
  • Tele Scripting
  • Opening Statement
  • Finding the KDM
  • Effective Voice Techniques
  • Control with Questions
  • Sell the Benefits, they will buy
  • Features, Advantages and Benefits
  • Emotions, The Triggers of Selling
  • The Objection Handling System
  • Test Closing
  • What makes People Buy?
  • How to handle Fear and Rejection
  • Power Closes of a Champion
  • How to Motivate your way out of a Slump

All Tele Sales staff who work in a call centre.


Our training is based on creating an environment where the learner is the most important person. The trainer is there to guide and facilitate. Within our programmes, participants become engaged in an experience that mirrors the pressures and challenges faced in a real-world situation.
A personalised Certificate is issued at the end of the day.


One day High Impact workshop.


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