Learn how to turn Enquiries into Closed Deals

How do we create meaningful conversations?

  • Selling over the phone is a specialist activity and is quite different to face to face selling.
  • This short workshop will show you how the telephone can enhance your personal approach and dramatically increase your sales success.
  • We will also talk about how to improve your communication skills, your ability to persuade, and techniques to personalize each sales call.
What will I learn?

Topics You Will Learn

Effective Voice Techniques – This session will explore the components of a good sales voice and how participants can sound their best on the telephone. We shall explore positive and negative phrases and how we can be better salespeople by choosing positive language.

The absence of Body Language and Facial Expressions means that the only communication tool we have is our VOICE.

  •  Tone
  •  Speed
  •  Pitch

 Turning Enquiries into Sales – Incoming queries are a perfect opportunity to implement powerful Sales Techniques and sell value added items or services.

  •  High Impact Opening Statements
  •  Control with Questions
  •  Sell the Benefits, they will buy
  •  Features, Advantages and Benefits
  •  Cross Selling and Up Selling
  •  Emotions, The Triggers of Selling
  •  The Objection Handling System
  •  Test Closing
  •  Power Closes of a Champion
Program Highlights
  •  Build trust and respect with customers
  •  Identify ways to make a positive impression.
  •  Identify sales strategies that will make you a stronger salesperson.
  •  Learn what to say and what to ask to create interest, handle objections, and close the sale.
  •  Practice Listening and Questioning Skills
  •  Understand the difference between Open Probes and Closed Probes
  •  How to identify or create 3 Needs.
  •  How to sell the range of products – Up Sell and Cross Sell
You Will Receive
  • Over 8 hours of lively, interactive and high impact Sales Training
  • A comprehensive Summiting Sales ® Workbook
  • 24 Sales Topics to freshen up your Sales Meetings
  • A direct Sales Hot Line to The Peer Group for 6 weeks
  • Free Coaching and Sales Advice
  • A Sales Certificate for your CV

Our training is based on creating an environment where the learner is the most important person. The trainer is there to guide and facilitate. Within our programs, participants become engaged in an experience that mirrors the pressures and challenges faced in a real-world situation. Personalized Certificates are issued to each delegate on completion of the program.

Save up to 10% – if you have 4 or more people attending we can run the in-house workshop at your own premises.