Can anyone become a Salesperson ?

The answer is YES, if you are prepared to practice 6 Principles.

Like any other complex activity, ‘sales’ requires practice. Professional sports people are undeniably very good at what they do, but training and regular practice is the key to their success. The same goes for salespeople.

There are no born sales champions; it is a skill, which is honed just the same way as sports champions hone their skills.

What are the 6 Principles?

  • The 1st Principle is Research & Prospecting. Most people don’t like to prospect, but you have to have someone to sell to. The internet has made the prospecting and networking process significantly simpler and more powerful than ever before. Build your network with people who can and want to say ‘yes’ to your offer.
    In a perfect world, people want to do business with their friends. Well, in this rather imperfect world, people still prefer to do business with their friends. Do you have a plan on how to do this?
    Before you even meet with a prospect, do research – get onto the internet and look for clues as to how your product or service may benefit your prospect.
  • The 2nd Principle is whether you are talking with the Decision Maker, i.e. the right person who has the authority to make a final decision!
  • The 3rd Principle is establishing whether a set of needs exist for your product/service. The emphasis is on creating new opportunities and ensuring a buy-in from the prospect.
  • The 4th Principle is your level of presentation skills. Let’s be honest, most sales professionals ‘suck’ when they present.  How good are you at presenting the benefits of your product or service?
  • The 5th Principle is closing skills. Closing is a natural part of the presentation process, but most salespeople are nervous to close. You must practice and master the closing process so that it becomes natural. Closing starts at the beginning, not the end and is a process of collecting the Yes’s. 10 Yes’s and the deal is closed.
  • The 6th Principle of is customer partnering. Sales professionals have to become a trusted partner. Selling is not something you do to someone. It is something you do together with the prospect, as a team of two. It is a partnership not an adversarial process.

Practice these 6 Principles and you are on the path towards Sales Success.

We at The Peer Training Group are committed to helping you every inch of the way to acquire these skills.