4 & 5 September 2018



In sales, it’s a long way to the top and professional selling has never been more challenging.
Buyers’ expectations are higher than ever before and competition is intense.

So where must we improve?

1) The first attribute of a world-class sales organization is a highly skilled sales team that’s well trained and consistently adheres to a dynamic and structured sales process. If salespeople do not follow a structured Sales Process that creates value for the customer, then accurate results are impossible to predict and achieving Sales Quota becomes a hit and miss affair.

2) The second attribute is a world class Sales Team where Sales Metrics measure the progress of qualified opportunities into closed deals.
Most salespeople measure activities based on the ratio of closes to quotes issued. This is a lagging KPI and only gives us the history, which is often too late. What we require are Leading KPIs that provide accurate indicators of future results. These indicators can prompt us to take fast, proactive steps when urgent action is required.

3) The third attribute is a highly motivated Sales Team where morale is high. A positive Sales Culture is a critical factor in driving Sales Revenue.



This course is designed for all B2B salespeople and managers responsible for a dynamic Sales Process that is driven by relevant KPIs. We help you streamline your sales process and define the critical Sales KPIs that will drive Organisational Effectiveness.

• B2B salespeople
• Sales Managers
• Sales Directors
• Field salespeople
• Marketing staff
• Client Relationship Managers
• Account Managers
• Business Development Managers
• Commercial Managers
• Project Leaders
Tuesday 4th September 2018

08:00 – Registration & Coffee
08:30 – Introduction and Overview
Peer Group trainers will kick off the course with introductions, expectations, and a discussion regarding the Sales Challenges participants are presently experiencing. Participants will examine their current Sales Process and benchmark against World Class standards.
Does the Sales Pipeline provide clear visibility into all the sales opportunities that lead to the closing of a deal?

Topics that are covered include:

• Understand the Sales Process from A to Z
• What is “Consultative” selling
• Understand the buyer’s mind set in your industry
• What is “INSIGHT” selling?
• How to ‘unseat’ your competitors
• Sell on VALUE rather than PRICE!
• Specific communication skills that differentiate top performers from average ones
• Why and when buyers actually make decisions to buy
• Understand the different Social Styles of potential prospects
• Understand the beliefs, skills and behaviours that create a top performer
• How to stop objections before they occur
• Assertive Closing Techniques
• How to manage your Time & Territory
• How to write Winning Proposals
• Win-Win Negotiating Strategies

17:00 – Day One Wrap Up
The facilitator will stay on after the wrap up and be available for one-on-one or group consultations

Wednesday 5th September 2018

Review Learning points from Day 1
Now, we create a flowchart of every step that takes place from the lead to the close, as discussed on Day 1 and dig deep to make sure every phase is covered.
Once we have plotted this sequence, we can determine what activities to measure that drive the right behaviours to achieve the expected Sales Results.

Topics that are covered include:

• Profile your Ideal Customer and their Buying Journey
• What are the relevant benchmarks we can use in the Sales Pipeline?
• What are the criteria that constitute a legitimate KPI?
• What is SMART and how do we use this business acronym to set measurable Business Objectives?
• What are the indicators of Leading KPIs?
• Number of qualified leads in the pipeline
• Sales cycle length
• Total length of time to qualify a new prospect
• Qualified to proposal ratios
• Number of new (first) client meetings per month
• Cold lead to qualified ratios with conversion rates
• What are the indicators of Lagging KPIs?
• Proposal to closed ratio
• Average deal size
• Number of sales per year
• Annual quota
• New vs. existing client sales
• Develop measurable KPIs for your specific business
• Coaching Skills:
Monitor trends—both worsening and improving. Understand the types of behaviours that are important to instil and be quick to rectify any lags in performance early.
• Climate Survey Tools – measure the morale and motivational levels of salespeople
• Write down Critical Action Plans for immediate implementation in your organisation
• Complete an Electronic Assessment
This assessment will be used as part of the Certification process

17:00 – Course Summary


The Apollo Hotel
158 Bram Fischer Drive, Ferndale, Randburg


• Over 16 hours of lively, interactive and high impact training
• A comprehensive High Impact Sales & KPI Workbook
• KPI templates to implement back at work
• A Climate Survey Tool so you can record your staff’s Motivational Level
• A Certificate of Accreditation for your CV


Our training is based on creating an environment where the learner is the most important person. The trainer is there to guide and facilitate. Within our programs, participants become engaged in an experience that mirrors the pressures and challenges faced in a real-world situation.


Two-Day High Impact Workshop.


Full training with certification – R8500 excl vat
Early Bird discounted rate for bookings before 10 August – R7225 excl vat



Clive Price is the Managing Director of The Peer Group.

Clive has a BA (Econ) from Wits University and a Post Graduate Degree in Learning Psychology from London University.
He is also a registered Personnel Practitioner and a Fellow of the Institute of Training Management South Africa.
He has 30 years of experience in the field of Professional Selling Skills and Driving Business Revenue and is regarded as a superb sales facilitator and business motivator.
He is active as a business speaker at conferences and events, writes for reputable business publications and has sat on various Boards of Companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Clive has written 3 Books on all aspects of Sales and Sales Management.
These books are available on Amazon.
Clive understands the real challenges facing Organisations from first-hand experience and will share with you real life situations, not text book stuff.
For over 25 years Clive has personally trained over 140 000 business people in 8 countries ranging from South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, UK and Canada.
Some blue chip clients are Mercedes Benz, Liberty Life, Alexander Forbes and FNB.

I’ve heard Clive talk at the United Professional Sales Association, and was blown away with by his content. He has an astute grasp on what it takes to make it in Business

Jacques de Villiers – Owner, Mind Trust Marketing

Clive’s organization is a leader in its field. He not only stays ahead of the knowledge curve of selling and sales management, but he has an ability to bring his clients up to speed as well which gives them a unique and a competitive edge.

Brian Jeffrey – Co-founder and President, Sales Force Training & Consulting Inc

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