How Much Business Are You Losing?

In today’s world the customer is much more sophisticated and discerning than they used to be.

The average consumer now wants every member of staff to be able to help them with their general enquiries.

Alarming statistics show that more than 88% of customers, who leave companies, do so because of an attitude of INDIFFERENCE – and passing the ‘buck’ – from a staff member.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND ? – All Front Line Staff who have direct or indirect contact with the customer.

Ideally, all staff within your company need to understand the essential role they play in developing and maintaining healthy relationships with customers.

Customer Service Research Results

New research that examined the Buyers Habits of more than 2,000 customers in a global survey of consumer behaviour identified that businesses are losing a substantial amount of sales through staff members who:

  • Fail to interact with every customer in an appropriate way
  • Inaccurately profile the type of customer that they are dealing with and
  • Show a negative attitude or an air of indifference.

Studies show that one UNHAPPY customer will tell another 8 potential customers. This is serious because every customer today has instant access to Blogs, Twitter Face Book or other lightning quick ways of communicating their irritations. The actual loss to your business is much more than simply losing one customer through unprofessional service.

Course Content

This One Day punchy Customer Service Workshop covers the essential modules to address the problem areas discussed above. This program can also be customised for the Hospitality, Legal and Health Care Sectors.

  • Understanding why service standards must improve
  • Understanding everyone in the organisation is responsible for excellent customer care
  • Identifying the different types of customers in our environment
  • Understanding why professionalism is the only way to go
  • Social Styles – 4 Social Behaviors
  • Body Language
  • Why the buyer buys. The 5 motives
  • Defining the different levels of customer service and the basic customer needs
  • Dealing with difficult situations and challenging customers
  • Harnessing the power of communication (verbal and non-verbal)
  • Identifying the benefits of complaints
  • Handling complaints effectively
  • Develop a Charter of Excellence – The 10 Customer Care Commandments


  • Over 8 hours of lively, interactive Training
  • A comprehensive Workbook
  • A Hot Line to The Peer Group for 6 weeks
  • Free Coaching and Advice
  • A Certificate for your CV

Our training is based on creating an environment where the learner is the most important person. The trainer is there to guide and facilitate. Within our programs, participants become engaged in an experience that mirrors the pressures and challenges faced in a real-world situation.

DURATION – This course runs for 1 day.

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