General FAQs

1. What training courses & services does The Peer Group offer
  • Sales Training
  • Receptionist Training
  • Brilliant Customer Care
2. What is an Open Course and what is an In-House course?
An Open Course is open to any company who have a few- even one- staff member they want trained.
We offer these 3 Open Courses:

  • Sales Training
  • Receptionist Training
  • Brilliant Customer Care

In House training is conducted specifically for one organization and is custom designed to match the specific training requirements.

3. When do you run Open Courses?
To view our calendar click here
4. You call the type of training you offer “experiential”?
“Experiential” actually defines the basis upon which all The Peer Group’s programs are developed. Within our programs, participants become engaged in an experience that mirrors the pressures and challenges faced in a real-world situation. In the debrief which follows, they discover powerful learning when their experiences are linked to their situations back on the job.
5. Who has The Peer Group worked with in the past?
Click here to view a list of our client base
6. Can I train my own people?
The Peer Group offers a range of delivery options. We offer Train the Trainer sessions so that your internal trainers or line managers are trained to deliver our programs.
7. How can we customize the programme to apply to us?
Each programme we deliver is carefully tailored to address the issues within your organization. Further customization is available and can vary from simply adding your company logos to designing a completely new programme specific to your company.
8. How do you know that your training changes behavior?
Case studies, quotes and testimonials from clients who have experienced the impact of our programs on the performance of their staff, tell us that we’re making a difference!
9. How does The Peer Group’s training differ from other training companies?
The Peer Group stands out in the marketplace in a number of areas: our unique use and business application of experiential learning concepts, our high quality products, our extremely talented and world class trainers click here and the world class service we deliver to our customers. The point of difference is in the results they deliver. click here
10. But what about having fun?
Don’t worry-we’d never forget the fun! People learn, while having tons of fun! We provide an environment where both happen simultaneously, allowing the whole group to discover in a short time what often takes days to teach by traditional classroom methods. The analogies in the programs drive home your message and participants walk away with a common language and shared experience to help reinforce the learning on the job. To read what some of our clients have said about their experiences, click here
11. Do you get a certificate?
Yes… You can include this in your CV

Specific FAQs

1. What are the times?
All our Open Courses start at 08:00 am and wrap up around 5pm.
2. Who is the trainer?
To view our trainers click here
3. What is The Peer Club and how does membership benefit me?
The Peer Club provides automatic membership after you have attended any one of our courses. You receive discounts on any other training courses you attend. Plus we offer free 24/7 coaching to all our members. Business Networking events are organized quarterly where new business skills and international trends are shared.

Skill Based FAQs

1. How do your skill programs differ from other training providers?
Unlike skill-based training programs that are typically made up of large amounts of highly detailed content delivered in a lecture based format, The Peer Group’s skill based programs are energetic, engaging and high impact. They focus on knowledge transfer, skill acquisition and behaviour change. Since the goal of being trained on a new skill is to immediately be able to do things differently, we deliver the content first and allow plenty of opportunity for practice throughout.
2. Are they still experiential?
Definitely! Using an experiential framework, participants learn in an atmosphere of relevance and fun, discovering practical skills and techniques that can be applied directly on the job.
3. Why is the group size limited?
Our skill-based programs are most effective when they bring together people who share the same issues and challenges. By limiting group size, it allows more time for individuals and the group to work through real-world examples, practice new skills and apply built-in feedback mechanisms that provide self-assessment along the way.We limit the size to 15 delegates. This allows more time.
4. How do these programs fit with our training needs?
We can conduct a training needs analysis prior to conducting any training. Based on your specific requirements we design and deliver appropriate learning interventions.