Mystery Shopping

How do Customers Rate Your Company’s Service Levels ?




Are You Losing Business ?

Alarming statistics show that more than 88% of customers, who leave companies, do so because of an attitude of indifference from the receptionist and staff.

Mystery shopping helps you identify the gaps in expectation and actual service delivery and take remedial action, where necessary.

This raises awareness of your procedures and improves staff conduct.

As a result you will see customer service levels improve which in turn leads to increased sales.

what we can do

At The Peer Group, we work with you to understand your organisation, its procedures and code of conduct.

Posing as a real customer our mystery guest will perform the role and activities of any regular guest or customer.

Our mystery shopping services are well planned and executed programs.

Here Is The Solution

This exercise will deliver comprehensive feedback from our mystery shoppers and a review of your point of sale and interactions with staff.

To assist you in improving the customers’ experience we will develop a unique measure of customers’ experience against your expectations.

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