Developing a High Performance Sales Team!


The skills that worked so well for salespeople a few years ago simply don’t work in today’s world. The business landscape has changed dramatically. Today’s buyer doesn’t need to be sold to, as the internet is awash with information.


Today’s Buyer is more cautious, harder to see and more discerning. He’s looking for someone who understands his business challenges and can offer unique and sustainable solutions.


Tired of hearing the same old excuses?


  • Not Enough Quality Prospects
  • Losing Deals to Competition
  • Too Many “No’s”
  • Sales Cycles Too Long.
  • Can’t Reach Decision Maker
  • Forecast Accuracy is Poor
  • Too Much Discounting
  • Cannot Close the Deal


The excuses will continue if you carry on with your same old selling skills. And then all you can look forward to are the same old crappy results.
So how do we adjust to this new reality?


We have a solution …


  • How to control the sales process from beginning to end
  • How to stop ‘presenting’ prematurely
  • How to diagnose customer’s problems and find the real ‘pain’.
  • How to get quality appointments with Key Decision Makers
  • Understand when and how to discuss budget and price issues.
  • Understand how to build value,
  • Understand how to differentiate from competition
  • How to keep your pipeline full of qualified prospects
  • Why it’s better to pre-empt objections before they happen
  • How to research and prepare for every sales call
  • Creative ways to handle customer procrastination
  • How to create rapport and trust
  • How to deal with procurement and maintain margins
  • How to achieve winning negotiations



We are showcasing a brand new Sales Model, ‘Summiting Sales’ that’s changing thousands of salespeoples’ lives.






How We’re Different



Customised For You

We analyze your sales organization, assess the training gaps, customise the learning materials and focus on your ROI. Together we build a road map for explosive sales growth.

Wrote the Book

We wrote the book, “Summiting Sales” on the topic of ‘Selling in Today’s 2.0 World’. We share what you need to do now to unleash your Sales Potential. We’ve helped thousands of salespeople, sales managers and business leaders, to increase sales significantly.

Sustainable Learning System

Research tells us 78% of training is forgotten within 3 months. Sustainability of the Sales Training is carried out over 12 months. We use under licence ‘The Peer Training System’ ™ which ensures the success of the training. The Peer Learning System boosts knowledge retention by 150%, so skills are learned, applied, and transferred on-the-job.





Don’t Take Our Word For It



I’ve heard Clive talk at the United Professional Sales Association, and was blown away with by his content. He has an astute grasp on what it takes to make it in Business

Jacques de Villiers – Owner, Mind Trust Marketing

Clive’s organization is a leader in its field. He not only stays ahead of the knowledge curve of selling and sales management, but he has an ability to bring his clients up to speed as well which gives them a unique and a competitive edge.

Brian Jeffrey – Co-founder and President, Sales Force Training & Consulting Inc

The team’s performance improved substantially over a 12 month period due to Peer Training Group’s wise Guidance. Thank you

Jason Naidoo – General Manager (FNB)


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