Here is a brief description of a climate survey.

This diagnostic tool analyses an organisation’s work environment to provide a picture of the staff’s level of motivation, satisfaction and productivity.

What creates the climate?

Research shows that top companies attribute their successful performance to, amongst other factors, the establishment of a participative culture and a healthy climate.

This audit reveals individual perceptions across these dimensions:

  • Degree of Formal Control
  • Level of Initiative and Creative Thinking
  • Training & Development
  • Amount of Recognition – Received and Given
  • Ease of Communication Flow
  • Degree of Personal and Informal Contact
  • Profile of the Company’s Image
  • Degree of Team Identification
  • Degree of Goal Clarity
  • Quality of Work Standards
Some Objectives
  1. Identify differences between staff members (and management) and work through them rather than ignore or suppress them
  2. Ensure staff understand and accept their roles and how they fit into the overall framework of the organization
  3. Develop action steps to reduce or eliminate these concerns
After the workshop

All commitments that are made are typed and each staff member receives his / her own booklet. As entrenched attitudes, behaviours and actions are not easily or quickly turned around, these commitments and action steps should be regularly reviewed and updated, so this booklet becomes an alive working document.

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