“How can you spend so much money on training without ensuring that the training is SUSTAINED?”

Research shows that up to 78% of learning is forgotten within 3 months.
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While training is a necessary and important part of arming your team for consistent revenue generating activities, the reality is that the majority of skills-based training simply doesn’t last. Most participants will default back to their ‘comfort zone’ within 4 weeks unless the initial training is consistently re-enforced over a period of time.

This is where Peer Training™ comes in. We introduce a simple process that ensures the initial training sticks and new concepts are practised.

What is peer training?

This system enables your people to train themselves.

We provide your Team with the tools to:

  • Identify and prioritise their own training needs
  • Develop a 12 month In House Time Table
  • Design and deliver an ongoing training process run by Peers
  • Maintain built-in check points for training relevance and effectiveness
  • Apply proven solutions immediately in the work place
When the process is in place
In as few as two hours monthly, your teams will build on the momentum begun in their introductory training session through powerful and proven interactive Peer Training processes that include:

  • Lesson plans and checklists designed to ensure training structure
  • Shared leadership, with each member teaching their peers
  • Application and evaluation tools to measure and maximise progress
Benefits of using the Peer Training system
Since its introduction, organisations that implement Peer Training have reported immediate and:

  • Dramatically reduced training costs
  • Employee ownership of organisational goals
  • Enhanced evidence of accountability and cooperation
  • Steady increases in leadership and skills

In short, the Peer Training System does more than teach – it transforms. Some Clients are: FNB, Sun International, Mercedes Benz and Big Blue.

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