This course is designed for all staff in Health Care – Medical Practices, Clinics and Hospitals.

The attitude and manners of front-line staff are critical in a medical environment. They can make or break the practice. The physicians may be great doctors but the practice will be judged by the patients and most of their perceptions will be based on how they are treated by the receptionist.

Who Should Attend?

All Front Line Staff

A. Meeting and Greeting Patients

  •  Welcoming patients and making them feel comfortable
  •  Explaining procedures and keeping patients informed
  •  Respecting patient confidentiality in the reception area

B. Where Customer Excellence Starts

  •  Internal versus external customers
  •  Image and Grooming
  •  Knowing my company
  •  Why customer care is important
  •  Meeting and exceeding customer expectations
  •  The Communication Jungle: Understanding Different Communication Styles

C. Becoming Ambassadors

  • Directing client traffic
  • Ethics and Discretion
  • Proper Etiquette

D. Excellent Telephone Skills

  • Call response time
  • Putting callers on hold
  • Transfer of calls
  • Dealing with visitors
  • Taking Messages

E. Handling Difficult People and Situations

  • Empathy
  • How to deal with ANGER and CONFLICT
  • Calming difficult patients
  • Handling Complaints

F. Plans for Tomorrow

  • Putting it All Together
  • Action Plan
You Will Receive
  • Over 8 hours of lively, interactive Training
  • A comprehensive Workbook
  • A Hot Line to The Peer Group for 6 weeks
  • Free Coaching and Advice
  • A Certificate for your CV

Our training is based on creating an environment where the learner is the most important person. The trainer is there to guide and facilitate. Within our programs, participants become engaged in an experience that mirrors the pressures and challenges faced in a real-world situation. Personalized Certificates are issued to each delegate on completion of the program.

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