6 Sales Tips to Increase Your Sales Revenue

After 35 years of selling I though I’d spell out some basic mistakes that have stopped me from landing more deals. Here’s my advice and
Sales Tips to prevent you from falling into the same traps.

Sales Tip 1

Never pitch before you know your prospect’s agenda.

Understand what makes them tick, what keeps them awake at night and how they may positively benefit from your service.

Most salespeople are so in love with their product and service they want to tell everyone how marvellous it is.

The truth is salespeople don’t do the selling, the prospect actually sells The truth is salespeople don’t do the selling, the prospect actually sells

Learn to bite your tongue.

Sales Tip 2

Stop being so nice.

We are so keen, often desperate to sell that we start treating the pros-pect like a God. “Yes sir, no sir, three bags full” ……….I’ll say anything to
get the deal.

“Thank you so much for your time”.

The truth is people treat you the way you treat them. It is the law of cause and effect.

Treat a kid as dumb and he will act dumb. Treat them as smart and they will be smart.

If you treat your client as more important than you then you deserve what you get, which will be scant respect for you and your time.

Make sure your self-talk is positive

Sales Tip 3

Become an expert in your field.

Make sure you really know your product inside out and go further, think like a businessman. Understand, what is the economy doing, understand
your prospects environment, who are their competitors and what are their real issues? Do your homework rigorously.

Then you are able to position yourself as the expert and be able to talk Then you are able to position yourself as the expert and be able to talk
on a peer to peer level.

Make sure you are an expert and people will treat you as one.

People buy from people they admire and respect.

Sales Tip 4

Be a business person NOT a salesperson.

People are sick of the 2nd hand car salesman People are sick of the 2nd hand car salesman’s slick style and your prospect is now smart. If
they want something they’ll go and get it. The internet makes information instantly accessible so when you’re in front of a prospect you
need to advance solutions that go way beyond just solving a problem. What can you deliver that goes beyond expectation? How can you resolve
issues they did not even anticipate?

Become a trusted Business Partner.

Sales Tip 5

Investigate the ethics of the company and products you represent.

In the 70’s, before most of you were born I sold paint for upmarket con-tracts because this paint contained pure marble and it came from Italy
so imagine how long this superior coating would last on your house. When I was promoted on sheer sales excellence, I discovered that the
paint chips were a fake and came from Namibia.

Horror of horrors – I had been selling a lie, a fake and I was liable even though I was ignorant. I resigned immediately but my conscience, about
all the clients I had crooked troubled me for years.

Do not sell anything before you have done a thorough investigation of your own products and checked out the ethics.

Do your products and services match your own high standards of integ-rity?

Sales Tip 6

Talk to the right people – the decision makers.

How much time have I wasted talking to very nice people but, in the final analysis they weren’t empowered to make a final decision.

As salespeople we need to be courageous here and ask the tough ques-tions, like “Are you the final decision maker?” or “Besides you, who else
will be involved in the final decision?”

Engage in courageous conversations that demand honest answers.

We are very lucky in the selling game because we do get a 2nd chance.

Record your sales interviews and critique them afterwards so you learn from your ‘mistakes’.

Follow these practical Sales Tips one at a time and watch your conversion rate improve. The Peer Group is always on hand to help you get a
grip on your sales techniques. We wish you successful hunting and let us know all about your problems and triumphs.

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