Selling made Simple

“THE MYTH BEHIND SALES BEING A ‘BORN-WITH’ CHARACTERISTIC SHOULD be destroyed, as the art of selling can be learned,” says Clive Price, sales training guru.

Sales Directors think that all they need to do is find born sales people to perfect their team. This is not the case – to be a great salesperson, you do not need the gift of gab but a basic set of sales skills. Based on the 80/20 principle here are Clive’s essential skills and rules for your Sales Tool Kit:

  • Questioning Skills – The least-known skill and most critical one is asking intelligent probes. Focus on discovering the client’s agenda not telling them about the numerous benefits of your service. ASK DON’T TELL – NEVER ask a Closed Probe as it often leads to a NO answer.
  • Active Listening – Show that you’re listening by not jumping in at the beginning but by fully hearing what the client’s needs are without interrupting.
  • Research – What does your customer do? What makes them tick? What turns them on and off? Why should they buy from you? What are their goals? How can you really help them achieve their aspirations?
  • Do a GAP Analysis – Simply, the gap is where they are now against where they would like to be. Find three gaps before even thinking of a suitable close.
  • The Close – BEFORE you even try to close, SUMMARISE all the points of agreement. Be up front and restate all the positives that have come out of the meeting.
  • Be Open to Objections – Prospective clients who buy are known to have 60% more objections than those who don’t. Never interrupt because if you do, it will appear as though you are objecting to their objection.
  • Divorce Yourself From Your Service – Business partnering only begins when you put the prospect’s business first, which means concentrate on their brand rather than your own.
  • Start Courageous Conversations – Most sales people are caught up in their own thoughts and nerves, but you have to STOP thinking
    about yourself and your company. START concentrating on how they might BENEFIT.
  • Put them first – not you or your company and watch your sales soar!